Statistics for Clinical Pathology Residents

This post serves as the syllabus and curriculum for the quarterly statistics course offered by the Washington University Pathology Department for residents and clinical fellows.

The structure of this one-week course will be a 1hr meeting once a day at which we will discuss focus issues in statistics and study design. Each day there will be several study assignments that will not take more than a couple hours. Many of the topics will be supplemented with hands-on exercises with Excel. There will be a painless pop quiz at the end to assess how much we have learned.

Here are the lectures for each day. Please read them before coming to class.

Day 1:

Data Types
Probability Density Functions
Hypothesis Testing
One and Two Tailed Tests
Z and T Tests

Day 2:

Multiple Testing
Bonferroni Correction

Day 3:

Normal Distribution
Standard Error
Sampling Distribution
Confidence Interval

Day 4: