2016 CBSE Seminar Series

Dr Greg Bowman and I invite you to the Center for Systems Biology and Engineering seminar series for 2016-2017. The title of this series is “Mathematically Modeling Biological Systems”.

We hope for robust discussion, including critical feedback and scientific scrutiny of the presented work. This series is structured as a true seminar – not a colloquia – which means the formal presentation will be accompanied by discussions and interruptions. Plan on about 40 minutes for the talk, and about 20 minutes of discussion.

Our hope is that the CBSE be exposed to quality and high impact research, that this will support the educational goals of the center, and also to stimulate meaningful collaborations The five of the first seminar will be given by CBSE PhD candidate scholars.

One seminar will be given by Dr. Philip Payne, the director of the new Institute for Informatics (I2) at WUSM. This is a particularly important seminar for us, as we hope to build productive ties between CBSE, BME, and I2 in the coming year. We hope his talk here will help lay the foundation for continued collaboration.

We will be meeting at 4pm on Mondays. For 9/19, 10/10, and 11/14 the seminars will be in Brauer 012; for 12/12, 01/9, and 02/20, we will be in Brauer 3015.

Starting out in Brauer 012 at 4pm on Mondays:

Sep 19, 2016, Tyler Harmon,
Oct 10, 2016, Thomas Matthews
Nov 14, 2016, Maxwell Zimmerman

Then moving to Brauer 3015 at 4pm on Mondays:

Dec 12, 2016, Dr. Phillip Payne (guest from I2)
Jan 09, 2017, Wandi Zhu
Feb 20, 2017, Alex Holehouse

Mark you calendars. See you soon.