Jon Marsh Joins Image Analysis Effort

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jon N. Marsh Ph.D. is joining the group as a Senior Scientist on December 1st, 2016. This position was made possible with joint funding from the new Informatics Institute (I2) and the Department of Pathology and Immunology at WUSTL.

Pictured above with a fluorescent microscopy image, Dr. Marsh is a physicist with a distinguished record of experimental and clinical work in cardiac imaging. He will be joining out group to drive forward a new effort in medical image analysis using Deep Learning.

Imaging analysis is strategically important for the I2 and the Pathology department in particular. We see an opportunity in the convergence of two important developments. First, recent advances in imaging analysis using deep neural networks enable computers to equal and surpass humans in image recognition tasks. Second, the WUSTL Pathology department is a national leader, with several imaging problems that are tractable with these new methods.

Dr. Marsh’s will apply these new image analysis technologies to solve fundamental problems in clinical image analysis.

The initial projects he will work on are currently settled, but we are actively pursuing collaborations with clinicians and scientists with significant imaging tasks. Please contact us if you are interested.