New Post Doc: Jed Zaretzki

It is a pleasure to welcome our first postdoc to the Laboratory. Jed did his PhD under Curt Breneman, one of the leaders in Chemical Informatics, at the Rensselaer Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics Research, and his work was supported by Eli Lilly. His PhD focused on predicting how molecules are metabolized by P450 enzymes and culminated with the release of RS-Predictor, an algorithm that can predict where and how molecules are metabolized by different P450s.

In our Lab, Jed will doing two things. First, he will be taking his PhD work forward by developing algorithms to automatically determine the sites of metabolism of novel compounds from mass spec data, and working with a collaborator to determine these sites for thousands of molecules. Second, he will be supporting efforts in our lab to identify novel repurposing opportunities and mitigate risk in drug development.