Summer 2016 Students

As the summer 2016 comes to a close, I want to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of this summers guest researchers.

  1. Naomi Wilson (left) is an undergrad student from SUNY Geneseo. She spent the summer working curating metabolism kinetic data and building neural networks to model them. This work will be part of an upcoming publication. She decided to pursue graduate school in Computational Biology and we hope she will be back as an official PhD student soon.
  2. Dan Lander (middle) is an MD student at WUSTL who spent the summer here too. He succeeded in building the first model ever of 2J2. This is an important metabolic enzyme tied to cardio-toxicity. He made phenomenal progress for just one summer and we hope he is able to come back for a full year of research.
  3. Ayush Kumar (right) is an undergrad here at WUSTL, who spent the summer working with Tyler building metabolism models and making figures. Much of this work is going to be published too. He will be continuing in our group as a work-study researcher.
  4. Kian Hamedani is a PhD student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He worked on a high risk project that, unfortunately, did not produce a positive result. Nonetheless, he did excellent work and we hope he will retu
    Kian Hamedani
    Kian Hamedani, summer student in the group for 2016.

    rn soon as a post-doctoral fellow.

  5. Justin Porter (not pictured) is a MD PhD student at WUSTL. Justin started a project looking at molecular dynamics simulations for P450 enzymes with a good friend of mine, Greg Bowman. Sadly (for us), Justin chose the Bowman lab to do his thesis work but we are looking forward to continuing the collaboration to study P450 enzymes with him.

This turned out to be a very productive and educational summer. The Swamidass group is very grateful to all their participation this summer. We look forward to these students continued success in science.